Portable Power Pack Or Multiple Batteries

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I'm using a Hero 5 to record some car meet, cruise and events. Usually, the battery lasts ~2 hours if I record 1080p 30fps. However, I may need more than that. I'm currently thinking about getting a Portable Power Pack or 2-3 batteries with a Dual Battery Charger, but I'm not sure which would be the better way to go. Any suggestions, please? The ads say the Portable Power Pack can charge a GoPro ~4 times. Is it true? Is the recharging reliable if I recharge while recording? Are there any overheating issues if I recharge while recording? How long does it take the recharge the power pack itself?

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Hi Hawrdstrack

thank you for your question i can confirm that the APPB112 holds 11.2 amps you would need to check the amp capacity of your hero 5 battery,  so as an example if your hero 5 battery has a battery capacity of 2.8  amps you would divide 2.8 amps into 11.2 amps this give you a total of 4 chargers if the battery is less you would get more charges and if the battery is more your would get less charges you need to confirm battery capacity of your hero 5 to get the exact answer.

you can not charge and discharge at the same time on the power bank you can only do 1 at a time.

in terms of charging time it changes at 0.5 amp per hour this means if you were at 0% it would take 22.4 hours to charge back up to 100%.

the item i am talking about the link is below


Brett from Ark