How To Charge Anything Over 150W

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I've had my ArkPak for a good 5 years now and have used it on many camping trips but now have retired it since installing a dual battery system. Instead, I'm using it in the shed as a power source for LED strip lights and was hoping to charge my batteries for cordless tools. However, after attemtping to charge batteries via the wall socket I was met with an alarm signalling the charger was over the 150W capacity, as expected. Is there any way to overcome this? Possibly wiring up a wall socket to the positive and negative terminals? Or will the ArkPak simply not charge any appliance over 150W?
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Hi Red Rub

Thank you for your question, i can confirm you are correct the AP620 has a max output of 150 watts this means anything that uses more then 150 watts to power up is not going to work on the Ark Pak.

as an alternative what you can do is purchase your own larger after market inverter max size you can connect to the ark pak is 1000 watts and you are correct you can connect it to the external terminals on the left hand side of the Ark pak.

if yo have any more questions please ask.


Brett from Ark
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Thanks Brett, you're a legend. Just wanted to know if you had any recommendations on an aftermarket inverter? Preferably something closer to the 1000W
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Hi Red Rub

some suggestions are below they are only a suggestion as a starting point

i hope this helps as a starting point


Brett from Ark