Eli Guide clearance from cross frame

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No dimensions are provided for the Ezi Guide and I need to know what distance from the cross frame the Ezi Guide sits at or what clearance from the frame the Ezi Guide needs for the arms to rotate.

For example if I use heavy duty two bolt clamp on adjusters (40mm riser to the roller) that poke out approx 90mm from the cross frame will the Ezi Guide clear the adjusters?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Jim

thank you for your post, i have just checked althou we do have a link on our website that contains the fitting instructions for some reason it is not loading up, i have made our IT department aware of this and hope to have it fixed ASAP, in the mean time if you advise your email address i am happy to email you the instructions you are asking about.


Brett from Ark
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Well I have bought an EziGuide.
From the face of the cross member there is 100mm to the nearest roller edge.
I hope this helps someone.