Ark Pak 730 - Charging - Does the screen need to be on?

Posted: one year ago Quote #1447
Hi everyone,
It appears, but I am not sure, that I can only charge the battery in the AP (via my home 240V socket) withe Ap screen being on.
I recall i didn't need that before but now, unless the screen is switched on and displaying, I think the AP does not go into charge mode?
Anything I need to do or is there some thing wrong with the AP?

PS: Else... it is a great product
Posted: 11 months ago Quote #1459
Hi nicotouchard

i can confirm that you must always every time have the LCD screen turned on for the battery to be charging in the Ark pak if the LCD screen is off then the battery inside the Ark pak is NOT being charged up at all.

please make sure that when you want to charge the unit the LCD screen is turned on and left on so that way the battery can be charged and maintained by the Ark Pak.

if you have any more additional questions please ask.


Brett from Ark
Posted: 11 months ago Quote #1462
Thanks Brett!!