AP730 Charging

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Recently purchased an ARKPAC AP730 (Sep 17), brilliant product, meets all our power needs for camping.  Have one question - when I return for my camping trips I place the 730 on charge (via trickle feed) but it only seems to charge the battery to 99%. Yes I am comfortable with the 99%, however is it a product item that it only charges to 99% or is there something I am doing incorrect that prevents the 100% charge? Am charging in accordance with instruction manual and I utilise a 130AH Deep Cycle Battery for power.
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Hi Monty30

sorry for the long delay in coming back to your question, please see below information that should be more helpful.

what i would suggest doing is disconnect the battery from the Ark Pak for at least 10 seconds then re connect it now when you do this its going to ask have you installed a new battery and you want to say YES then you check and confirm the battery type and and Amp hour capacity you have put in from last time if everything is 100% correct what i would suggest doing is now put the unit on a charge cycle and see if its goes to 100% charged and goes into a float cycle.

look forward to your reply


Brett from Ark