Charging and discharging clarification

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I know this would have been asked many times over, but looking for clarification. I just bought a Arc Powerpack 2 (DA15) and have put a 120amp hour AGM battery in it. I will be running my fridge off it 24/7 while away. I have a solar panel to charge it while set up at camp but would like to charge it off the 12v DC charger while driving. The operating instructions state on p12. "Can I charge and use the Powerpack 2 at the same time? When charging with the built in  charger, it is not recommended to charge and use the Powerpack 2 at the same time". I am sure this problem comes up often, why is it not recommended? What damage could it do?

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Hi Boon

you have asked a great question and the answer is very simple the Power pack 2 charge rate is a trickle charge rate of 1.5A/h and when you have an item plugged into it such as your fridge you are going to draw more power then you are putting in so in actual fact you are not charging the unit at all, you would only be delaying the inevitable which is a flat battery at 0%.

in terms of your solar panel selection i would strongly recommend what ever panel brand you consider that you get a minimum size of a 120 watt panel , if you budget allows go larger but the smallest panel size would be a 120 watt panel.

if you have any more questions please ask.


Brett from Ark