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[b]Suggested Ground Rules[/b]

There are a few ground rules for participation in forums hosted by ArkCorp.
Please respect these rules, and each other.

[b]Be civil.[/b]
No personal attacks. Do not feel compelled to defend your honor in public. Posts containing personal attacks may be removed.

[b]Be Polite.[/b]
Please don’t use ALL CAPS in your posts – no need to shout. Please don’t identify personal details about another poster you may know. Please keep you language polite.

[b]Stay on topic.[/b]
Most of these groups are high-traffic and read by busy people, so please pay attention to the topic of your messages, and check that it still relates to the subject matter of the forum topic to which you are posting.

[b]No advocacy.[/b]
These groups are for discussions about the ArkCorp products and the outdoor lifestyle areas they are used for. As such, discussions about other non-Ark products that you are personally or financially aligned to are not relevant

[b]Do not spam/Ignore spammers.[/b]
The ArkCorp forums are not to be used for spam of any kind. Spam will be removed. If some spam slips through, please ignore it, we will get to it shortly.. .  Or by all means tell us about it if you find some.

[b]Identify your subject matter.[/b]
Not everyone has time to read all forum postings. To ensure that your message reaches the right people in a timely manner, identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line.

[b]Be Positive.[/b]
Whilst we welcome honest positive feedback about our products and their uses, the Ark Forum is not the place for subjective vitriolic rants and raves about our products or their performance. If you have a genuine grievance or a specific product performance issue please give us a call on 02 9678 9036 and we’ll be do our best to resolve things with you one on one.


The Ark Team